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Aesthetically Congenial
18th birthday 
31st-Aug-2009 01:35 am
brian :]
So my friend had her 18th birthday today and we went to a Hookah bar. It was pretty fun and i hadnt seen her in almost a year .___. But i was so glad we got back together...i missed her i noticed. She let me order one and she ordered the other. I ordered grape :D.... but it turned out gross....and she chose watermelon and it was delicious! XD We were too big for a booth so we were kinda hangin out, it was like 7 of us and i kinda got pissed b/c these dudes at the table infront of us kept makin comments but its all gooooooooood. And im so happy...someone actually paid for me today...like im always the one payin for ppl and i actually got a sandwich and a milkshake from someone :3 I had so much funnn. Cant wait til i turn 18. CLUBSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!
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