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Aesthetically Congenial
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28th-Jul-2010 06:15 pm - Beeeeen a while
(Ss)andara park kekeke
Finally got my new lappy :3
Cost was outrageous..but its necessary for school. hmm hmmm hmmm thats about it..must go back
to making my macaroni salad :O
1st-Oct-2009 08:20 pm - Shoot me now =.=''
Bom :D
School...work...men..KILLING ME!
Im enjoying my senior year but im also very stressed outttt ughhh! School is hard as fuck. I have good grades except for trig and physics..which are both F's =.=" Work..ugh so unappreciated there...fuckin pisses me off how hard i work and how little i get paid! MEN...ugh ugh ugggggh men .............i just wanna shoot myself in the face...repeatedly!!!! Moving back to my old neighborhood tooo! WHOOOOOOOOO STRESSED!!!
31st-Aug-2009 01:35 am - 18th birthday
brian :]
So my friend had her 18th birthday today and we went to a Hookah bar. It was pretty fun and i hadnt seen her in almost a year .___. But i was so glad we got back together...i missed her i noticed. She let me order one and she ordered the other. I ordered grape :D.... but it turned out gross....and she chose watermelon and it was delicious! XD We were too big for a booth so we were kinda hangin out, it was like 7 of us and i kinda got pissed b/c these dudes at the table infront of us kept makin comments but its all gooooooooood. And im so happy...someone actually paid for me today...like im always the one payin for ppl and i actually got a sandwich and a milkshake from someone :3 I had so much funnn. Cant wait til i turn 18. CLUBSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!
28th-Aug-2009 07:41 pm - @___@ clothessss!
So i bought this dress right for 40 bucks -.- And the more i look at it i get pissed!
Its a cute dress but where the hell am i gonna wear it?!?! And i coulda bought 2 dresses with that money...bad choice on my part.

-Allen bought me these shoes today which made me happy...but ehh he really didnt have to...At first i was wondering what they would match with...but then i remembered...i bought a shitload of red and black stuff haha! http://www.journeys.com/product.aspx?id=86986

-I bought a ton of baby blue stuff too for some reason O.o
BUT....i want this jank! Angry Beavers used to be my shit!!!

-I also find these boots incredibly cute...i shall have some by this winterhttp://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/Clearance/Shoes/Black-Short-Button-Boots-381643.jsp

-I really really really really want one of these...reason being...its PINK!!!
I got toooo many wants XD

Too many wants!!!!
20th-Aug-2009 11:04 pm - I feel like...
....Just crying :/ This happens every time i get overly upset. I dont like it. I wish things weren't the way they were. It makes me really upset when stuff happens out of my control when i get upset i get pissed and angry, when i get pissed and angry i cry. I really dont wanna cry but im probably gonna by the time this nights over.
I just wonder why all this bad stuff just clumps up at the worst possible time and i feel like theres no one here to help me out..So i'll just get through it somehow, alone,as usual... :(
16th-Aug-2009 01:43 am - :3
(Ss)andara park kekeke
I love a guy named Bryse^^ as a brother though..

gfdgdgfeng (11:46:41 PM): i dunno, i really do not feel like going anymore...
symomoichi9 (11:47:08 PM): daww D: brysie whyyy~!
symomoichi9 (11:47:30 PM): i want you to go too >.<
gfdgdgfeng (11:48:12 PM): im just not feelin it..
gfdgdgfeng (11:48:42 PM): i told you why me and Jay aint cool no more right?
symomoichi9 (11:48:49 PM): yah .___.
gfdgdgfeng (11:50:07 PM): i dont need another inccident, seriously

symomoichi9 (11:50:49 PM): right..
symomoichi9 (11:51:26 PM): well..i dont mean to keep bugging you about this buttttt have you set a date to enter the clinic yet? D:
gfdgdgfeng (11:51:59 PM): sure havnt..
symomoichi9 (11:52:13 PM): no good...
symomoichi9 (11:52:17 PM): whys?
gfdgdgfeng (11:52:26 PM): i just dont feel like it..
symomoichi9 (11:52:44 PM): ...but it'll help you get better .__.
gfdgdgfeng (11:53:46 PM): how so
symomoichi9 (11:54:04 PM): you'll stop poisoning your body...
gfdgdgfeng (11:54:10 PM): you dont know that
symomoichi9 (11:54:17 PM): >.< grr
symomoichi9 (11:54:32 PM): do you even wanna stop...tell the truth..
gfdgdgfeng (11:54:48 PM): what do you think
symomoichi9 (11:55:02 PM): ...............idunno thats why im asking...you
gfdgdgfeng (11:55:24 PM): yes id like to continue killing myself from the inside out
gfdgdgfeng (11:55:30 PM): question answered
symomoichi9 (11:56:00 PM): then you need to...work on it .__.
symomoichi9 (11:56:48 PM): i nvr been in that situation but..you need to do somthing b4 you kill yourself and itd be a shame to let all your sexiness..go to waste..x3
gfdgdgfeng (11:57:55 PM): lol, im really not that sexy
symomoichi9 (11:58:09 PM): concieted!!! "im not THAT sexy" lol
gfdgdgfeng (12:00:45 AM): well,im not gonna lie haha
symomoichi9 (12:01:06 AM): i think we should talk about this some other time
symomoichi9 (12:02:25 AM): i just really want you to go to the beaaach .__>
gfdgdgfeng (12:04:17 AM): i'll go but i cant promise i'll "behave"
symomoichi9 (12:06:54 AM): WHEEEE brysie oppa!^^ goin to the beach whoo whoo whooo ~a go go go~!!!
gfdgdgfeng (12:07:41 AM): haha you're cute
symomoichi9 (12:08:09 AM): :]
gfdgdgfeng (12:18:32 AM): tell allen to pick up his fuckin phone
symomoichi9 (12:20:09 AM): haha i hear it ringing
gfdgdgfeng (12:20:26 AM): thanks
gfdgdgfeng (12:26:48 AM): symone..
symomoichi9 (12:27:15 AM): yes? .__.
gfdgdgfeng (12:27:18 AM): hai^^
symomoichi9 (12:27:26 AM): haiiiiiiis^^
symomoichi9 (12:27:33 AM): whatcha doooin :]
gfdgdgfeng (12:31:24 AM): noting really
gfdgdgfeng (12:31:40 AM): i need a distraction
gfdgdgfeng (12:31:49 AM): stay up with me?
symomoichi9 (12:32:31 AM): ^^ of course
symomoichi9 (12:32:49 AM): anything to keep you distracted...so dont you dare leave your computer!
gfdgdgfeng (12:35:06 AM): i wont
gfdgdgfeng (12:35:36 AM): so are you sharing a room with christine, Jade, or me ;]
symomoichi9 (12:35:58 AM): XD jade most likely
symomoichi9 (12:36:05 AM): allen would have a fit if we shared
gfdgdgfeng (12:36:15 AM): man fuck him haha
symomoichi9 (12:36:21 AM): thats meaaan XD
gfdgdgfeng (12:36:38 AM): im playin, id never share a bed with you. you kick too fuckin much
gfdgdgfeng (12:36:52 AM): kick my sister lol she deserves an ass kicking
symomoichi9 (12:37:00 AM): you are just mean XD
symomoichi9 (12:38:09 AM): i noticed you split up thee girls
symomoichi9 (12:38:22 AM): why wouldnt christine and jade share? >3
gfdgdgfeng (12:38:43 AM): two wrongs dont make a right
gfdgdgfeng (12:38:56 AM): thatd just be...so wrong to put them together
symomoichi9 (12:39:04 AM): hah they still have issues?
gfdgdgfeng (12:39:10 AM): yea
gfdgdgfeng (12:39:27 AM): i swear to god..
gfdgdgfeng (12:39:41 AM): if christine gets on my nerves...
gfdgdgfeng (12:39:49 AM): she can sleep on the fuckin beach
symomoichi9 (12:39:59 AM): =.= now thats just wrongooo
symomoichi9 (12:40:11 AM): would you make me sleep on the beach? .__.
gfdgdgfeng (12:42:08 AM): nah i can tolorate you lol
symomoichi9 (12:47:09 AM): =.= tolerate...
symomoichi9 (12:47:23 AM): what the hell that supposed to mean!?
gfdgdgfeng (12:47:29 AM): oh shut up
gfdgdgfeng (12:47:33 AM): you know what i mean
gfdgdgfeng (12:47:46 AM): you're fuckin annoying just like everyone else
gfdgdgfeng (12:47:56 AM): i can just tolorate your annoyance
symomoichi9 (12:48:15 AM): you are such an asshole XD
gfdgdgfeng (12:49:04 AM): ;]
symomoichi9 (12:51:19 AM): wanna collect seashells wit me tomorrow? :]
gfdgdgfeng (12:52:37 AM): ......wtf
symomoichi9 (12:52:41 AM): .___.
gfdgdgfeng (12:52:45 AM): sure
symomoichi9 (12:53:00 AM): =D whoo! yay^^~!
symomoichi9 (12:53:15 AM): i like collecting them XD
symomoichi9 (12:53:26 AM): so i can use them for useless stuff
gfdgdgfeng (12:54:01 AM): haha silly girl
gfdgdgfeng (12:54:14 AM): Allen picking you up tomorrow?
symomoichi9 (12:55:33 AM): mhmm
symomoichi9 (12:55:43 AM): i dont see the poitn in me even going to work
symomoichi9 (12:55:49 AM): but -sigh- i must
gfdgdgfeng (12:56:18 AM): right,you know i got fired right
symomoichi9 (12:56:23 AM): WHAT!?
symomoichi9 (12:56:30 AM): NO!!!
symomoichi9 (12:56:35 AM): NO ONE TOLD ME THIS!
symomoichi9 (12:56:38 AM): when!?
gfdgdgfeng (12:56:52 AM): like a week ago. you didnt notice i was always home?
symomoichi9 (12:57:19 AM): .___. i thought you were on vacation...or somthing
gfdgdgfeng (12:57:44 AM): naaah fired my ass haha
symomoichi9 (12:57:50 AM): ...why?
gfdgdgfeng (12:58:14 AM): random drug tests
gfdgdgfeng (12:58:22 AM): my worst fuckin enemy lol
symomoichi9 (12:58:53 AM): ...bryseeee!!!
symomoichi9 (12:59:01 AM): you were making good money too! :[
gfdgdgfeng (12:59:34 AM): i know now im makin none lol
symomoichi9 (12:59:48 AM): are you looking for a new job? .___.
symomoichi9 (1:00:04 AM): i mean..you even got free clothes...shit i woulda loved that job!
symomoichi9 (1:00:13 AM): why would they do drug test there though? jw
gfdgdgfeng (1:00:43 AM): idk..b/c like half of the workers were on somthing
gfdgdgfeng (1:00:54 AM): guess it was a simple way of cutting labor
symomoichi9 (1:01:00 AM): aww .___.
symomoichi9 (1:01:03 AM): OOOOH
symomoichi9 (1:01:16 AM): so thats why you're moving back in with allen?
gfdgdgfeng (1:01:21 AM): yep
gfdgdgfeng (1:01:29 AM): cant afford my appartment anymore
symomoichi9 (1:02:47 AM): oh nyu...
gfdgdgfeng (1:03:31 AM): no big deal...i just dont want me and allen to have any more isues
gfdgdgfeng (1:03:40 AM): thats the reason i moved out in the first place
symomoichi9 (1:03:46 AM): issues?.....
symomoichi9 (1:16:20 AM): bryse...
symomoichi9 (1:16:35 AM): i have the feeling you've just made me very upset...
gfdgdgfeng (1:16:44 AM): i didnt
symomoichi9 (1:16:51 AM): lies
gfdgdgfeng (1:17:02 AM): i swear
gfdgdgfeng (1:17:07 AM): almost though..
symomoichi9 (1:17:12 AM): okay...
symomoichi9 (1:17:15 AM): but anyways
symomoichi9 (1:17:23 AM): what issues were you and allen having
symomoichi9 (1:17:30 AM): you two are way too close to me it seems
gfdgdgfeng (1:17:51 AM): he doesnt approve of what i do, i dont approve of what he does
gfdgdgfeng (1:18:55 AM): we're basically both wrong but get mad at eachother
symomoichi9 (1:19:43 AM): ohs..i see .___.
symomoichi9 (1:19:53 AM): so you just decided to move on out one day?
gfdgdgfeng (1:20:44 AM): we needed time apart. the reason we were living together is b/c it was cheaper..
gfdgdgfeng (1:20:56 AM): now we probably have to again
symomoichi9 (1:21:31 AM): that must have sucked
gfdgdgfeng (1:21:36 AM): what?
symomoichi9 (1:22:23 AM): telling your brother you couldnt stay at your appartment anymore .__.
gfdgdgfeng (1:22:32 AM): not really
gfdgdgfeng (1:22:40 AM): allens the one who asked me to move with him
gfdgdgfeng (1:22:57 AM): and even if i did have to ask, my pride is like at level zero
gfdgdgfeng (1:23:13 AM): ive had to ask for worse things
symomoichi9 (1:24:00 AM): .___.
symomoichi9 (1:24:04 AM): well thats good =]
symomoichi9 (1:24:16 AM): you and your brother get to be together again! =D
symomoichi9 (1:24:46 AM): now when i visit allen...i get to see you toooo! ^^
gfdgdgfeng (1:31:08 AM): i suppose u do lol
symomoichi9 (1:32:26 AM): if your ass is ever home!
symomoichi9 (1:33:16 AM): why you always leaving me .___.
gfdgdgfeng (1:34:12 AM): sorry babe
gfdgdgfeng (1:34:36 AM): our scheduals sont mesh sometimes
symomoichi9 (1:35:06 AM): i knows :[
symomoichi9 (1:36:11 AM): im really happy we're going together bryse =]
symomoichi9 (1:36:17 AM): i miss you a lot
symomoichi9 (1:36:23 AM): and i want to be around you
gfdgdgfeng (1:36:49 AM): and why is that?
symomoichi9 (1:38:39 AM): b/c you make me happy Even with all your problems and issues you go through, you still take time to see how im doing. You stick up for me a lot too. kinda like a big brother. I have a few but i think you're like in my top 3 ^^
symomoichi9 (1:38:56 AM): suppah oppas ^^~!
gfdgdgfeng (1:39:58 AM): aww well arent you cute
symomoichi9 (1:40:20 AM): i tries ^^
gfdgdgfeng (1:40:39 AM): hey i love you more than i love my own sister
gfdgdgfeng (1:40:43 AM): no joke
symomoichi9 (1:41:29 AM): wheee! :3
11th-Aug-2009 11:37 pm - screwed up :[
I got myself kicked out of my own house and .....5 days later am still not home yet. I been meaning to apologize to my mother buuut....it just doesn't seem to be happening the way i planned...i wonder if i'll ever get to come home .____.
2nd-Aug-2009 12:23 pm - The cutest thing i ever heard....
(Ss)andara park kekeke
Timmys little cousin is one of the cutest little girls i've ever seen..
She's just adorable X3 She comes over to his house when Timmys aunt (Timmys dad sister) goes out of town. I just think she's the cutes thing. Its cloudy outside and it just reminded me of what she said a little while back. A couple days ago it was raining real bad. She kept staring out the sunroom and asked why it was raining so hard. As a joke Tommy(Timmys brother) said that the sky was crying. In return she said "No Tommy god is crying..but why is he so sad?" I almost died. that was the cutest thing i ever heard.On one hand its kinda childish b/c we all know it rains b/c of the water cycle, evaporation condensation transpiration precipitation yada yada yada. But on the other hand..her comment seemed very mature to me. Im glad to know she believes and cares for god. I think its good for young kids to think that way. To answer her question Timmy said "just b/c a person cries doesnt mean they're sad. Maybe gods really happy?" She just kinda shrugged her shoulders and went about her 6 year old business lol .
I love that little girl >W
1st-Aug-2009 11:28 pm - Talk Talk Talk XD
(Ss)andara park kekeke
Very mature conversation---->
I see myself as a shrink XD
Today i've talked 3 people with problems related to this (S-E-X) lol I dont think im much help but sometimes its good for ppl to just have someone to talk to.
IDK WHY they come to me but i listen :]
Im talking to my friend jon and he doesnt like talking about this subject on the phone so aim it is.
symomoichi9 (1:03:02 AM): halo there :]
masterss4cloud (1:03:14 AM): Jon <--
symomoichi9 (1:03:07 AM): okay continue
masterss4cloud (1:03:25 AM): i have 6 browsers up
masterss4cloud (1:03:34 AM): so i'm delayed with myspace >.>
masterss4cloud (1:03:42 AM): hence aim jump
symomoichi9 (1:03:42 AM): haha yeah IM is muccccch quicker
masterss4cloud (1:04:13 AM): agreed
masterss4cloud (1:04:15 AM): and a lot easier
symomoichi9 (1:04:37 AM): yeah and i can hear the little noise better
symomoichi9 (1:04:38 AM): lol
masterss4cloud (1:04:52 AM): not me
masterss4cloud (1:05:00 AM): ichat is just hard
symomoichi9 (1:05:03 AM): lol
symomoichi9 (1:05:04 AM): BUT
symomoichi9 (1:05:08 AM): continue sir
masterss4cloud (1:05:23 AM): >///> dammit..
masterss4cloud (1:05:23 AM): lol
symomoichi9 (1:05:20 AM): mhmmm lol
masterss4cloud (1:05:33 AM): ok..
masterss4cloud (1:05:37 AM): well can i ask you?
symomoichi9 (1:05:49 AM): mhmm
masterss4cloud (1:05:59 AM): ok
masterss4cloud (1:06:04 AM): Are you riding my kink train?
symomoichi9 (1:06:05 AM): lol sure am
masterss4cloud (1:06:17 AM): nice
masterss4cloud (1:06:28 AM): are you submissive, dominant, switch, or neither?
masterss4cloud (1:06:34 AM): or dont know the difference
masterss4cloud (1:06:39 AM): which better not be the case >.>
symomoichi9 (1:07:06 AM): see thats my problem im like a little of both. sumbmissive and dominant and thats the issue i have with my bf, he's completely dominant and i dont like that -.-
masterss4cloud (1:07:34 AM): hun
masterss4cloud (1:07:42 AM): trust me. its better than what mers going though >//>
masterss4cloud (1:07:56 AM): she's a switch too
symomoichi9 (1:07:55 AM): damnnn
symomoichi9 (1:08:00 AM): is that good or bad to you?
masterss4cloud (1:08:12 AM): well
masterss4cloud (1:08:14 AM): its bad for her.
masterss4cloud (1:08:20 AM): because i'm completely sub >//>
symomoichi9 (1:08:21 AM): ooooooooooooh
symomoichi9 (1:08:29 AM): well does it upset her?
masterss4cloud (1:08:41 AM): nah
symomoichi9 (1:08:35 AM): has she talked to you about it?
masterss4cloud (1:08:49 AM): but sometimes she's a subbie feelings too
masterss4cloud (1:09:06 AM): and she wants to be domed.. and i emotionally and mentally can't do it.
masterss4cloud (1:09:19 AM): I unfortunately. was built by god to dom
symomoichi9 (1:09:20 AM): have you tried?
symomoichi9 (1:09:24 AM): like to be more dominant?
masterss4cloud (1:09:33 AM): yes
symomoichi9 (1:09:33 AM): didnt work out :/?
masterss4cloud (1:09:40 AM): but i just have no interest in it
masterss4cloud (1:09:48 AM): plus i overstep too far a lot
masterss4cloud (1:09:52 AM): and i'm afraid of hurting her
masterss4cloud (1:10:09 AM): i just have no interest in it.. and me being a sub is a big issue
symomoichi9 (1:10:10 AM): oooh i see...
symomoichi9 (1:10:20 AM): possibly the overstepping is a good thing
symomoichi9 (1:10:24 AM): she might like it
masterss4cloud (1:10:33 AM): no.
masterss4cloud (1:10:36 AM): not this way
symomoichi9 (1:10:30 AM): and if she doesnt she can always tellu
symomoichi9 (1:10:36 AM): O.o whatcha mean?
masterss4cloud (1:10:53 AM): its like i turn to a different person
symomoichi9 (1:11:07 AM): o.o how so
masterss4cloud (1:11:23 AM): we worried about it
masterss4cloud (1:11:31 AM): but i get absorbed into it and i'm not me anymore
masterss4cloud (1:11:43 AM): i end up hurting people. and i don't like that
masterss4cloud (1:11:48 AM): so i dont bother with it anymore.
symomoichi9 (1:11:47 AM): oh o.o
masterss4cloud (1:11:55 AM): i've never liked to >.>
masterss4cloud (1:12:08 AM): but me being a sub is the big issue. she loves it.. but i feel bad
symomoichi9 (1:12:23 AM): ....hmmm well she hasnt complained about it has she?
masterss4cloud (1:13:03 AM): its my own personal conflict v//v
symomoichi9 (1:13:06 AM): oooooh.
symomoichi9 (1:13:15 AM): So this is really bothering you? :/
masterss4cloud (1:13:36 AM): not how you think v//v
masterss4cloud (1:13:40 AM): I'm a pushover.
masterss4cloud (1:13:52 AM): i try to fight back.. but whenever push comes to shove
masterss4cloud (1:13:59 AM): i can't fight back.. i give in
symomoichi9 (1:14:21 AM): oooh i see. do you want to be more of a forward person? more dominant?
masterss4cloud (1:15:07 AM): not exactly..
masterss4cloud (1:15:10 AM): i.. i love it.
symomoichi9 (1:15:38 AM): then how come you're upset? Do you feel bad b/c you cant be dominant for her?
masterss4cloud (1:15:55 AM): well
masterss4cloud (1:15:59 AM): I feel.. bad because i'm this way
masterss4cloud (1:16:13 AM): I'm worried i'll end up giving into things i should be stronger and fight against
masterss4cloud (1:16:20 AM): like.. i dont think you get it
masterss4cloud (1:16:31 AM): Symone.. if you adopted a dominant personality right now
masterss4cloud (1:16:56 AM): i'd fight back a little.. but after a few coercions i'd do whatever you'd say
symomoichi9 (1:17:40 AM): okay so the big picture is you're just a completely submissive person?
masterss4cloud (1:17:59 AM): i dunno. its a lot of little issues
masterss4cloud (1:18:06 AM): my friend took advantage of it last night
symomoichi9 (1:18:07 AM): O>o
masterss4cloud (1:18:31 AM): My pushover submission + my current problem = bad problem waiting to happen
masterss4cloud (1:18:35 AM): not how you think
masterss4cloud (1:18:37 AM): we were talking on line
symomoichi9 (1:18:45 AM): oh okay
symomoichi9 (1:18:54 AM): so liek ppl can take advantage of you easier? :/
symomoichi9 (1:19:00 AM): which isnt good :/
masterss4cloud (1:19:24 AM): hun.. people can take advantage of me at any time
masterss4cloud (1:19:31 AM): when its not sexual.. i'm more dominant.
masterss4cloud (1:19:40 AM): you've seen me more dominant
symomoichi9 (1:20:09 AM): yeaaah i was thinking, has jon changed? .__. i remeber a very self spoken jon lol
masterss4cloud (1:20:29 AM): lol
masterss4cloud (1:20:35 AM): <3 nah.. i'm just submissive sexually
masterss4cloud (1:20:44 AM): the problem.. is sex has been the last week.
masterss4cloud (1:20:55 AM): i..i'm having ...
masterss4cloud (1:20:58 AM): cravings >///>
symomoichi9 (1:21:06 AM): oh..oh dear o.o
masterss4cloud (1:21:13 AM): its either minor cravings.. where i just feel it..
masterss4cloud (1:21:17 AM): or major ones.
masterss4cloud (1:21:26 AM): which you dont wanna hear about >//>
symomoichi9 (1:21:39 AM): Major how? tell me jonnnnnn
masterss4cloud (1:23:17 AM): well
masterss4cloud (1:23:41 AM): if i get bad of... and something happens like what happened yesterday... i immediately can't control myself
masterss4cloud (1:23:51 AM): i'll do whatever it takes to have it.. to have more of it.
symomoichi9 (1:24:00 AM): O.O well what in the world happened yesterday!?
masterss4cloud (1:24:06 AM): till i can... >///>
masterss4cloud (1:24:15 AM): she.. made me look up porn XD
symomoichi9 (1:24:15 AM): XD
masterss4cloud (1:24:24 AM): but she started getting dominant.
symomoichi9 (1:24:24 AM): and so you did what she said
masterss4cloud (1:24:36 AM): and forcing me. and making me do things...
masterss4cloud (1:24:42 AM): like admitting i'm a slut >//>
symomoichi9 (1:25:04 AM): lol its okay to be a slut jon lol. But like did you feel you absoulutly HAD to do what she was saying?
masterss4cloud (1:25:15 AM): if it was normal porn i woulda been fine
masterss4cloud (1:25:39 AM): urgh..i felt needed to be domed
symomoichi9 (1:26:00 AM): normal porn?
symomoichi9 (1:26:07 AM): what kinda porn was it?
masterss4cloud (1:26:54 AM): >//>
masterss4cloud (1:26:57 AM): g..gay
symomoichi9 (1:27:10 AM): well who says thats not normal XD
symomoichi9 (1:27:17 AM): porn is porn lol
symomoichi9 (1:27:25 AM): did u feel uncomfprtable watching it?
masterss4cloud (1:27:55 AM): >///>
masterss4cloud (1:28:00 AM): i'm bi-curious
masterss4cloud (1:28:06 AM): so no.
symomoichi9 (1:28:14 AM): okay well than its normal porn XD
1st-Aug-2009 01:04 am - Just a tad different...
shinee bois
Sooooo, i've always known my Boyfriend Timmy...is a little different in the head. Like his obsession with fire (pyromaniac) and his uncontrollable drinkingness. But it appears now he has something new i didnt know about...he like pain? Whats that called masochism or somthin I DUNNO! But yeah like i used to wonder like when i'd accidentally scratch him or something he didnt say a thing about it. Most ppl freak and complain about how long and or sharp my nails are. He nvr did. But the other day b4 i went to work he stole my socks so i tried getting them back and we started play fighting. Now..im a pretty weak person myself so i usually have to kick punch and go crazy to cause any damage. Wellll he pinned me and i decided to cheat and bite! XD (biting is a low blow in playfighting... just sayin) And it wasnt a really hard bite but it was hard enough to let him know id bite harder if he didnt let go. WELL he aint let go so i bit him harder and thennn i kinda got weirded out. He was like "harder" and i was like"....what...." and he said "harder i like it" I wasn't play biting anymore i was like gnawing at him like i was trying to puncture his skin.It was kinda serious so i stopped and he got upset. He got up and sat in front of me with the cutest little upset look on his face and said "why'd you stop?" And i was like...."b/c i didn't feel like takin a chunk out of your flesh dude..." "But im fine with it" "Well im not..that scares me" Then he took my hand and placed it on his face. "slap me" he told me and of course i said "NO!" Then he said "Do it or i'll stop breathing" And i was like "stop breathing...wow. why would you do that!?"
And he said "So i'll pass out and it'll be all your fault" (This guy is so ...ridiculous..like wtf XD)So i kinda just looked at him, basically daring him to do it and what do you know his face just got redder and redder and i told him to stop once..twice three times, the boy just wouldnt quit so of course i slapped the shit out of him. And you know how like in the movies when someone gets slapped they look away for a second then slowly bring their head back to the position it was b4 they got wacked. Well he did the same thing but with this creepy ass grin on his face. I was just like wtf...and he looked at me and said "i ;like it when you abuse me" all i was thinking was "eww eww eww eww you're creepy!" so i asked him "what do you mean? Like what do you want me to do pull your hair and shit?!" And he replied with "If you want, i dont care" Now me and him can be kinda violent ppl but now i understand why he nvr used to say a word about me hitting or hurting him. I accidentally kick him in the face like alllll the time, specifically in the jaw and he just sorta shakes it off and nvr mentions it. I remember he used to burn himself on purpose b/c he likes fire..i guess its cuz he liked the pain too. I remember another time his brother slammed his hand in the car door, like hard enough to break it and he let out a little groan of pain but he really did look like he enjoyed it. O.o I knew something was different about him for a while but i just kinda figured it was b/c he's Timmy and he's a weirdo anyways. I wonder why if he liked pain so much why he didnt tell me sooner? Shit id have fun beatin up on him if thats what he wanted >] But then again Timmys shy about that kinda stuff, he nvr directly tells me what he wants :[ But oh well now i know...now to figure out how to deal with this. XD
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