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Aesthetically Congenial
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29th-Jul-2009 01:26 pm - Silly Allen
(Ss)andara park kekeke
So Sunday i stayed over my buddy Allens house to cheer him up a bit. He seemed really down lately due to the fact that he wasnt able to talk to his brother. SO i stayed over and so did his cousin Michael, Our friend Blane,Our friend Marissa and his friend Colby (i didnt much like Colby...thats only because i dont think he liked me AT ALL) We went to a party that night but ii just sat the entire time. I was just not in the mood for it. The music was too loud and there were a bunch of ppl i couldnt stand there =.=. So we left kinda early. The look on my face was not pleasant. Seeing that i was hanging out with a bunch of fatasses! They decided to go to the store and buy a ton of food...for no reason, like...3 boxes of waffles...who the hell is gonna eat 3 boxes of eggo waffles!? We were gonna watch some movies and this was otu snack foodPhotobucket
Now we also ordered 3 large pizzas from pizza hut mad late as well hahaha! The fatness was like never ending.
The rest of the night was basically eating, talking laughing obnoxiously and Allen taking his clothes off XD
In the morning, Allen decided he was gonna cook...but i knwe there was no possible way hed be able to. He tried though...and came up with the nastiest shit i've ever eaten. My waffles were burnt...my cinammon roll looked deformed, the eggs were...icky and the sausage was burnt! XD Then i asked allen if i could have syrup and he said syrup wasnt needed then proceeded to pour milk on his waffles stuff them in his mouth and spit them back out....HAHAHA Photobucket

So then i had to go to work...but the whole time im tryin to get ready this little thing allen calls a dog is trying to eat me! He got it to keep his other dog company. I hated it =.= But the night was fun..idk if i'll ever let him cook me any kind of breakfast again, but Allen seemed much happier :]
25th-Jul-2009 08:43 am - -.-
(Ss)andara park kekeke
Calling out of work after my horrible experiance last night. I just dont feel like goin. Today i shall be going to a friends baseball game, possibly lunch with Blane, Theeeen idk i'll just be outtt. Like i work tomorrow morning so i cant be out alll night and i gotta come home cuz i need my work uniform. Blah...gonna go -.-
24th-Jul-2009 01:35 pm - Wrist/weirdness/happiness/confusion
So a while back i screwed up my wrist and i guess its nvr really healed. But now im startin to think its gonna be screwed up forever. It's been bugging me a lot lately like it hurts to pick stuff up like heavy stuff. And now yesterday i was lifting some tea at work and i felt it pop. Needless to say i dropped the tea thingy (they weigh like 40 lbs)and freaked out. I went to the back and started freaking out b/c i couldnt really move my fingers and so me being the scrady cat i am i started crying and freakin out xD My manger come out her office and is all like whats wrong? And i show her my wrist and blah blah i go to the ER, got off work early and everything. They put a brace thing on my wrist and tell me to take these pills and junk. So noooow im lookin like a cripple with an arm brace -.- Im not gonna wear it...it hurts worse than just leavin it off...

Okay so Allens brother is STILL missing but yesterday when he picked me up from the ER to go back to his place he was really..HYPE like he was crazy. He was kinda being his normal self again, speeding laughing beeping the horn to the beat of song he liked XD so i asked him "are you hiiiigh?" And he just shakes his head so i didnt think he was and i didnt wanna ask if he'd found his brother so i was just silent and sat. When we got to his house though i decided to ask him and he said "no but i got to speak to him today " So apparently his brother is still among the living, but he didnt sound so hot when they talked so the search continues .__.

I am super stoked and happy :] My boyfriend is finaly...finally going back to the way he used to be. He's being much nicer,more of a gentleman, more caring >W< Yayness! Only thing is he changes right b4 he might be going back to California... -.-

So at work yesterday b4 i screwed up my wrist...i was talking to one of my coworkers. I like talking to him b/c he's a really chill person and not an asshole like other dudes i work with. I still love them too they're just assholes somtimes. But anyways, we were talking and he invited me to dinner tomorrow...which is today lol. And my stupid self immediatly said yeah sure -smile- He smiled and was like, okay when do you want me to pick you up from your house and i was like uhhhm .............................WAIT...*though bubble* i wonder if he remebers i have a boyfriend...and is me accepting this dinner invitation wrongooo?" So i say um...i'll text you is that cool? And he's like yeah sure, i cant wait. So i've yet to text him cuz...idk if its right for me to go...it'll just be awkward the two of us at dinner...like it'd be okay if we went somewhere else but not dinner! ugh...yo no se what to do -.-
23rd-Jul-2009 01:14 pm - Ahh
I woke up too late >.< I have to work in like an hour. I've have like no time to get myself together =.= Im glad Allen was smart and we got my uniform for me...but its gonna take me a while to drive all the way up to work...And then i gotta work with that lesbian toad and that creepy pedo I have nothing against lesbians but do have an issue with lesbians who constantly try and touch my ass. She does this weird rubbing back thing that makes me uncomfortable :X
Come to think of it my stalker looks like a frog...and Daniel like a toad...Im working with Frog and Toad today :D GREAT...-.- After work im off so im gonna just go right back to Allens house instead of home. I have nothing to do at home =.= Ugh...now i just have to wait for someone in this house to take me to woooork D: Im gonna be late. ..
23rd-Jul-2009 03:42 am - Paranoia
I guess i really am paranoid...
I kinda found that out today. I worry/wonder about everything. I really need to stop b/c i freak myself out over tiny things that dont need to be freaked out about...Guess i'll be sleepin in the livin room tonight with Zeus :3 I refuse to wake up again with bodies just sprawled everywhere =.=
Im TRYING not to be paranoid about tomorrow...im working with my stalker O.O I reaally cant stand him...He's some 28 year old fat dude who thinks im some naieve little 17 year old girl =.= He makes meh sick. I keep thinkin somthin bads gonna happen..GAhh paranoiiiid! He's really gross...i work with him like 3 more days this week. But my paranoia helped me last weekend. I worked with him and i kept thinkin he was gonna come up behind me so i kept watchin my back.Like everytime i bent down id walk forward a bit b4 i stood up, kinda like a ducky :3 My manager made fun of me for it. Later in the morning i was bendin down to grab some tea jugs and he was right behind me in a way that if i stood up id be rubbin all up on him -.- so this time i stood up and turned around and he was right there. I was just thinkin "you...fuckin creep" Glad i did my little duck walk now XD But i cant watch my back all the time....i may invest in a lil midget to watch my back for me from now on....only problem is midgets freak meh out O.o....
22nd-Jul-2009 04:45 am - mmmm =.=
(Ss)andara park kekeke
I dont wanna go to bed but i have to...
I dont wanna go home tomorrow but i have to...
I want to get mah paycheck but i dont know if i even can do that...
I should go sit with Allen now....Bye Bye...
22nd-Jul-2009 01:25 am - Holy goodness!!!!
Wow...like really wow. I didnt think things like this could happen in realy life....A good friend of mines...is like missing and i feel kinda empty. Like ppl just keep gettin erased from mah life D: I want him to be okay so badly but i really dont know if he's gonna be. He's a good person he really is. He helped me a lot with my issues with my boyfran :[ Like he always knows the right things to say even if its somthing i dont wanna hear he'd tell me the truth...He'd always buy me stuff out of the blue..I could joke around with him and eveything and now he's like gone :[ Where is heeeeeee!!!!! ),; I miss my Brysieeee!!!! I hope he's alright, like with all of my being i hope he's okay. It makes me upset that he used to do all that stuff to his body but hey everyone has flaws and he was trying to stop..like he didnt like where his life was going. Thats a good sign. Allens really depressed b/c thats like one of his best friends and they dont live togeather anymore... AW man :[ this is like horrible. I feel bad, i SUCK XD idek what to do. Im so useless. urggggh!... =.=
My uselessness is astoundinnnng!
21st-Jul-2009 03:30 pm - Yesterday
hero jaejoong
My mood was horrible yesterday, like crazy terrible. I was bitchy for absolutly no reaosn...well there was a reason but there was no reason for me to take it out on others. Sunday night i went over to my boyfriends house with intentions of talking and fixing a few things but come to find out he had to tell me somthing. He may be moving faaar away in a month but nothings finalized. He may go back home for college which is in cali. So so far away. I know him, he doesnt want to go and i can tell he's trying everything in his power not to go but somtimes it just doesnt work out for him. He was accepted into UVA..thats where he wants to go. He's all set to atten in the fall and now his plans may be ruined due to family issues. If he leaves idk what i'll do with myself. He's already moving even fartheeer away...i cant take him going all the way to california..id probably nvr see him again. Our relationship lately has not been great but its begining to work out and im liking where its going. Adnd then this happens...I was finally getting my old timmy back and this happens. Ugh i was suuuch a mess yesterday XD Cryin to my mom, i know i annoyed her. It was like cry cry cry cry, sleep cry cry cyr sleep some more..sew...
Damn i hope somthing works out...

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20th-Jul-2009 01:18 pm - :[
(Ss)andara park kekeke
16th-Jul-2009 10:19 pm - Shimmycocopuffsss :D
On aim at the moment. And youtube :D
I just watched Shimmycocopuffsss latest video and it actually made me "lol"
some of his newer vides werent that funny to me but this one was good. It was about cell phones :D Seeing as i have unlimited text i lol'd a whole lot. I only talk on the phone to friends who dont have unlimited or no texting at all. Or when im trying to meet up with someone, find someone,or of course Timmy :D. He gets actuall phone chat time. :] My nights finally passing! YAY then i can go to bed...wake up...and party :]

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